"I think everyone has obstacles in life. It might not be physical, but people have barriers they need to overcome."

Dan was born without a left forearm. While some might consider it a disability, he doesn't. It's his motivation and his inspiration to keep moving forward. He lives for the challenges. That's why he does obstacle racing. He's finished nearly 15 races and he's not stopping anytime soon.

"It's addictive. I tell that to everyone. It's the feeling you get amongst 10,000 of your friends. People you've never known, you'll never see again. But on that one day, you're all friends, and you're all working together as a team."

And no matter how difficult the race is, or how daunting the obstacles are, he never worries about getting hurt. And he doesn't have to. Because he has us.

Dan Salerno, Personal Trainer, Member, and Inspiration.

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